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Best Day to Book a Flight: Your Ultimate Guide to Affordable Airfare

eSIMo team
July 2, 2024

Ever wondered when the best day to book a flight is? You’re definitely not alone! With airfare prices going up and down like a yo-yo, finding the perfect time to grab a deal can feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry, savvy traveler! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you navigate the tricky world of flight booking, revealing the secrets to scoring affordable airfare and getting the most bang for your buck.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the best days and times to book flights, look at the trends that influence airfare pricing, and share some insider tips to help you save big on your next trip. Ready to become a flight booking pro? Let’s get started!


The Best Day to Book a Flight

So, when’s the magic day to book a flight? According to studies and travel experts, Tuesday often comes out on top. Airlines usually release their weekly fare sales on Monday evenings, and by Tuesday afternoon, competing airlines match those prices. This means you can find some of the best deals if you book on Tuesday.

Why Tuesday?
  • Fare Sales: Airlines kick off fare sales early in the week, making Tuesday the sweet spot for finding competitive prices.
  • Less Business Travel: Business travelers typically book flights later in the week, so fewer high-demand business fares are in the mix.

Other Prime Booking Days

While Tuesday gets a lot of love, it’s not the only day you can snag a great deal. Wednesday and Saturday are also top contenders, as fewer people are booking on these days, leading to lower prices.

Best Time to Book Flights

It’s not just about the day of the week; the time of day matters too. Booking flights early in the morning or late at night can score you some sweet deals. Airlines often update their systems overnight, so prices might drop in the early hours.

How Far in Advance Should You Book?

Timing your booking can make a big difference in price. Here’s a general rule of thumb:

  • Domestic Flights: Booking 1 to 3 months in advance tends to give you the best prices.
  • International Flights: Aim to book 2 to 8 months in advance for the best deals.


Last-Minute Bookings

Believe it or not, last-minute bookings aren’t always the most expensive. Sometimes airlines drop prices to fill empty seats, especially for domestic flights. However, this is a bit of a gamble and doesn’t always pay off, so it’s usually safer to book ahead.

Airfare Trends and Influences

Several factors can influence airfare trends, including:

  • Seasonality: Prices shoot up during peak travel seasons like summer and the holidays.
  • Day of the Week for Travel: Flying on weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, is often cheaper than weekends.
  • Time of Day for Travel: Early morning and late-night flights are typically less expensive.

Flight Booking Strategies
  1. Set Fare Alerts: Use tools like Google Flights or Skyscanner to track price changes for your routes.
  2. Be Flexible: Flexibility with your travel dates can help you find cheaper flights. Use the flexible date search on booking sites.
  3. Use Incognito Mode: Airlines and booking sites track your searches, which can sometimes lead to higher prices. Search in incognito mode to avoid this.
  4. Check Multiple Sites: Don’t rely on just one booking site. Compare prices across several platforms like Expedia, Kayak, and the airlines’ own websites.
  5. Consider Nearby Airports: Flying into or out of nearby airports can sometimes be significantly cheaper.


Is it cheaper to book flights directly through the airline?A: It can be. Booking directly through the airline might offer better deals and more flexible cancellation policies. Plus, airlines often match lower prices found on third-party sites.

Are there specific months when flights are cheaper?A: Yes, January and February are usually the cheapest months for flights, as they’re outside major holiday travel periods.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesdays? Generally, yes. Airlines release deals and match competitor prices early in the week, making Tuesday a prime day for booking.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best day to book a flight isn’t an exact science, but with the right strategies and a bit of flexibility, you can snag some great deals. Remember, Tuesday is often the best day to book, but don’t overlook other days like Wednesday and Saturday. Keep an eye on airfare trends, set fare alerts, and compare prices across multiple sites to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

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Happy travels, and may your next flight be both affordable and enjoyable!

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